What’s this blog for?

Journalists, advertisers and politicians like to tell us scientific “facts” that they want us to believe.

Sometimes “experts” and “educators” expect us to believe “facts” in the same way.

But science isn’t about remembering a lot of facts; it is a way of thinking that helps us to understand the world and how it works.

If we are to truly benefit from what science offers, we need to start thinking this way for ourselves. Even if you are still learning science in school or have had little or no scientific education, you can still think for yourself.

When we think for ourselves it is not so easy to be misled by the mistakes, prejudices and lies of others.

And thinking about science makes it interesting instead of boring!

In this blog we will start to think about some scientific questions and ideas.

To keep the blog short and easy to follow, I won’t give any background information. But this can easily be found by searching the web using Google (www.google.com ) or any other search engine (like www.duckduckgo.com or www.baidu.com ).


“Scientific education ought to mean the implanting of a rational, sceptical, experimental habit of mind. It ought to mean acquiring a method….. and not simply piling up a lot of facts.”

George Orwell, “What is Science”, Tribune, 26 October 1945


Two years before I was born, Orwell explained my reason for writing this blog!