Reading this blog

Many of the posts in this blog depend on ideas developed in previous blogs. In each post I have tried to make these links easier by:

  1. Suggesting previous posts that should be read first (at the beginning)
  2. Indicating posts that provide further information on a topic (in the body of the post) or by linking you to the Index
  3. Listing recent posts on related themes (at the end of the post).

But, as a general rule, the blog probably makes most sense if you start by reading the posts in the order in which they were written – starting with post 16.1.


2 thoughts on “Reading this blog

  1. Typos happen, and I believe I stumbled across one. Post 16.44 on density you show platinum having a density of 2.5. instead of 21.5. This aside, you have caught my interest. I studied physics many years ago. Your blog is an opportunity for me to revisit, and relearn. Thank you.


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